Feud Between Alt-Right Leader and Humorist Devolves Into Accusations of Pedophilia


Vic Berger, a humorist who specializes in creating short videos revolving around politics and the media, announced earlier this week that he was taking a break from Twitter due to an onslaught of online attacks accusing him of pedophilia and leading a child sex ring.

Berger is pointing to Mike Cernovich, owner of the website Danger and Play and one of the leading voices in the alt-right movement, as the main culprit behind these attacks. Cernovich, coincidentally, was also one of the loudest voices when it came to pushing the crazed #Pizzagate conspiracy theory which claimed members of Hillary Clinton’s inner circle were involved in child prostitution.

It appears that Cernovich and Berger began actively feuding on Twitter last month after Berger posted a video poking fun at Cernovich. At one point, Cernovich blocked Berger from following him, leading the online satirist to ask his followers to call on Cernovich to unblock him.

However, the beef got more intense last week when Cernovich received a couple of messages making what he called “pedophilia jokes” regarding a photo of him holding his baby.

The alt-right provocateur did some online investigating and noticed that the users who sent him the insulting messages followed Berger and had received responses from Berger on Twitter in the past. Following that, Cernovich started directing suggestive tweets Berger’s way, seemingly claiming that Berger was actually at the center of a child sex ring and urged followers via videos and tweets to to keep an eye on Berger and his followers.

Berger created a compilation of Cernovich’s videos showing the suggestive ways he implied Berger and his followers were involved in pedophilia.

He also provided a screengrab of one of Cernovich’s tweets from last week (most of which have been deleted) insinuating that Berger is involved in something unseemly.

For his part, Cernovich is stating that he never called Beerger a pedophile — only that he was hanging around pedophiles. Speaking to The Daily Beast, he noted that Berger needs to take ownership of what his followers do.

“For weeks Vic told his followers to message me, and some of his followers sent me the most revolting pictures. He has to take ownership of what his followers do when he tells them to message me,” he said via direct message.

“Vic misrepresented what I said. I never said he was a pedophile. I said he’s palling around with and associating with them. He pals around with pedophiles – his own followers. You can see he has interacted with them on Twitter. Why does Vic associate with that? Why didn’t Vic apologize when the very same people he told to message me sent me that stuff?”

When asked if he should be responsible for his followers do, Cernovich merely said that they “would not jump to the wrong conclusions” because, as he claimed, “I am careful with my words.”

However, as Berger highlighted, it is obvious that many of Cernovich’s followers are absolutely accusing him of pedophilia.

Berger also told the Beast that he plans to sue Cernovich for libeling him, disputing his claims that he didn’t call him a pedophile.

“He knew exactly what he was doing. I saw that he backtracked last night and said he ‘was very careful not to call me a pedophile. He never called me a pedophile.’ True! He called me the leader of a pedophile ring,” said Berger. That’s even worse. And he encouraged his followers to come after me.”

Referring to Pizzagate, Berger thinks Cernovich has a “weird hangup with pedophilia” and wonders why he constantly falls back to “calling people pedophiles.”

We have reached out to Berger for comment on this story and will update with his comments if we hear back.

UPDATE 10:30 PM ET: Berger responded back, telling us that “it’s been a horrible past few days” and he’s “looking forward to moving past this.” He also noted that it appears that Cernovich “already has since he’s now accusing a comedy club owner of being a rapist.”

“Mike Cernovich using the fact that he just had a kid himself as a weapon to try to damage other people’s reputation is pretty disturbing to me,” he added. “It just makes you wonder how far he might be willing to go.”

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