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Gearing Up For November: The New Republic Searches For ‘Craziest GOP Policy’

You’ve seen the dramatic campaign commercials, and heard the revolutionary remarks. November’s midterm elections are destined to create a massive political spectacle–and likely, an even larger media circus. In preparation, the New Republic has searched through various Republican platforms to create a list of the craziest policies—-which, depending on ones perspective are either good for a laugh, or viable political platforms.

Notably, the Iowa GOP has an entire overhaul in mind:

Republicans want to get rid of the federal agriculture and energy departments, the federal and state education departments, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the International Revenue Service (IRS). The party also calls for “the reintroduction and ratification of the original 13th Amendment, not the 13th Amendment in today’s Constitution.” The original amendment would have outlawed the taking of noble titles and foreign offices; the final amendment, of course, abolished slavery.

Yes, the conservative ideology opposes “big government” and favors small, limited governance…but to this extent? The slavery amendment is a whole new debate for another day.

And if some thought thought Bobby Jindal‘s gung-ho gun stance was a bit much much, take a look at Montana:

Republicans “oppose the concept of ‘gun free zones’ in any form or in any place except detention facilities.” Schools need not apply.

Check out the full list. November is going to be interesting…

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