George H.W. Bush to Receive JFK ‘Courage’ Award for Breaking ‘No New Taxes’ Pledge

Remember that time when George HW Bush made a campaign pledge to not raise taxes (“Read My Lips”) and then he did? In this era of political divisiveness, the John F. Kennedy Library announced today that they were awarding the former president its “Profiles in Courage” Award for reversing his position and breaking his promise.

You know, the thing that Bush called his biggest regret? The thing that conservatives claim turned Bush into a one-term president? It was, according to Kennedy’s grandson Jack Schlossberg, an act of political bravery:

“In his first term in office, President George H. W. Bush risked his reputation and ultimately his political career by forging an important compromise on the budget in 1990 that moved our country forward, and should not be forgotten…As my grandfather wrote in Profiles in Courage, ‘we cannot permit the pressures of party responsibility to submerge on every issue the call of personal responsibility.’”

Nothing says “gratitude” like honoring someone for doing something twenty-four years ago that his own political party finds anathema today. Noted tax-loather Grover Norquist even took the time to point out that “the 15-member award committee, dominated by individuals with a big government philosophy, is chaired by longtime journalist and tax increase advocate Al Hunt.”

Basically, for conservatives, Bush receiving the Profiles in Courage award is the equivalent of Tom Hanks winning a Razzie Award.

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