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Glenn Beck Condemns Bronx Anti-Gay Attacks…And Internet Commenters

Glenn Beck returned to live air tonight after a weekend of dealing with health issues (everything is apparently fine) and spent the first 15 minutes of the show discussing the horrific anti-gay Bronx attacks (in gruesome detail) from this weekend, calling them “anti-human” and “bigotry for sport”. Admittedly probably not how many people anticipated Beck returning to the air, but his vehement rejection of the events was admirable nonetheless — especially in light of Carl Paladino‘s ‘brainwashing‘ remarks this weekend.

A small part of me suspects tonight’s opener was in part a bit of a sideways response to the story Media Matters has been pushing out all week trying to connect Beck with Byron Williams, the guy who was arrested on his way to kill “people of importance at the Tides Foundation and ACLU” (as if the actions of a crazy person can ever be blamed on anyone other than the crazy person). But even if it was, the larger message remains, and is one that Beck likes to reaffirm from time to time, namely, violence is bad.

Interestingly, Beck segued from the violent actions of the Bronx 10 to the violent rhetoric he discovered in the comments sections of some blogs he was perusing while in transit to California. Beck is apparently new to Internet comments sections and was astounded to discover the rhetoric therein. Especially upsetting was the language commenters used who ostensibly were trying to defend him.

What shocked me was some of the responses of people who were, quote, defending me….I read one that said ‘you know it’s Progressives like you that need to be rounded up’ I read that, it was such a horrific post, and that was just one line of it, that I actually sat there on the plane and thought, that guy cannot be a fan of mine….It’s getting hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys.

Beck went on to advise his fans that if they ever see anyone writing nasty things about him online they are not to defend him, instead either ignore it or respond with prayer: “If you really believe the [nasty] things you are posting in my defense, I don’t want anything to do with you.” Also? Before you write something and hit send, “reread it!” and ask yourself “is that who I want to be.” I think this is good advice. Alas, no word on whether this includes calling people Nazis. Watch the segment below.

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