‘GOATALITY’: Washington Post Live Streams Farm to See if Goats Faint During Eclipse (WATCH)

The Washington Post has been live-streaming a farm in Tennessee to see if its goats will faint during Monday’s total solar eclipse.

The Post visited Fern Hill Fainters in Cross Plains, Tennessee “to see if the flock will be startled by a total solar eclipse.”

According to a quick Bing search, “fainting goats” are an actual thing: they suffer from a genetic disorder that makes them freeze for several seconds and fall on their side when they feel panic.

The Post has a live stream of the goats at Fern Hill Fainters that’s been running for more than an hour, and features a number of goats fainting during the eclipse. But, before you roll your eyes at the absurdity of all this, watch the live stream. A small confession: this particular reporter was initially disgusted by the idea of such a vapid live stream, but ended up spending some 20 minutes watching goats faint.

Enjoy above, via The Washington Post.

[image via screengrab]

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