GOP Congressman Tells Man Asking About Minimum Wage To ‘Get A Job’

Republican Congressman Bill Young of Florida’s 10th district told a man to “get a job” after he asked Rep. Young for his thoughts on a bill that would raise the minimum wage. The man confronted Rep. Young at a Fourth of July event in Paradise Island, Florida, Wednesday where Young dedicated a mural.

Jesse Jackson, Jr., is passing a bill around to increase minimum wage to ten bucks an hour. Do you support that?” the man, identified as Andrew “Pepe” Kovanis, asked the congressman.

“How about getting a job?” Young responded.

When Kovanis told Young he did have a job, Young said, “Well, then why do you want that benefit? Get a job.”

Kovanis has previously been involved with the Occupy Tampa movement. The video was posted by Florida Consumer Action Network, a group that “seeks to build grassroots support on issues, work with government agencies and the media, and lobby elected officials,” according to its website.

Watch the encounter below:

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