Hamburger Helper’s New Rap Album Is a Total Bop, Y’all


Okay, notwithstanding that Hamburger Helper decided to riff on a three-year-old rap album (that is, of course, dope and has helpfully provided me with the lyrics for my Instagram bio, which reads, “sophisticated ignorance/write my curses in cursive”) so their ideas of what is current are a little off, the Watch the Stove track list alone proves that it is going to be iconic.

Feed The Streets (prod. DEQUEXATRON X000)

Hamburger Helper (prod. Retro Spectro)

Crazy (prod. illwin and Realistic Productions)

Food For Your Soul (prod. GenReal)

In Love with the Glove (prod. @itsdandy)

Since there are only five songs, I am going to go ahead and label this an EP rather than a full LP, but since all those tracks are straight fire, I’m also going to go ahead and declare it the Album of the Weekend, at the very least. If you plan to bump this in your car, be advised that it has been labeled “PARENTAL ADVISORY: DELICIOUS CONTENT.”

Because I am devoted to bringing you all the important rap news, I’m going to give you my impressions from my first listen or five. I’m sure that come Monday, I will have more well-formed opinions on the jams and I encourage you to reach out at that time to further the discussion. For now, hit play:

DEQUEXATRON‘s production on “Feed the Streets” has elements reminiscent of those popularized by the Drake/Future collab, “Jumpman” and the ubiquitous Fetty Wap banger, “Trap Queen.” The trap-infused beat is aggressive and the hook is catchy, too. It is currently sitting at 51.9k listens over on Soundcloud, so it’s the clear stand-out track on the mixtape. Hopefully, this will be their first single.

Retro Spectro‘s contributions on the second track include this:

They ask me what I want to eat. Hamburger Helper is all. Hamburger Helper is all that I eat. If you don’t serve it then please take a seat. 140 boxes like a tweet. Always on it, man, I’m strung like a cleat. Hamburger Helper, boy, no chicken nuggets. Cook in a pan or a-bake in the oven. Cook it all up, then I mix in the onion. Hamburger Helper: it come by the dozen.

He’s getting his due, too:

My favorite track is definitely “Crazy.” The vocals are downright soulful. GenReal‘s “Food For Your Soul” has the least plays on Soundcloud, which is surprising, given its smooth throwback feel that evokes an early-90s West Coast vibe.

Finally, there’s “In Love With the Glove,” which is the designated R&B track on the tape. (If Drake can do it, Hamburger Helper can do it, too.) There is a little bit of a T-Pain feel to the auto-tune and dare I ask if I detect a little bit of Jeremih‘s influence on Dan D.‘s contribution to the EP? I think I do!

Anyway, listen yourself. It’s delicious.

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