How to Leak Anonymously to Mediaite

Hey there! This is a periodic reminder that Mediaite wants your tips. Do you have a piece of insider media information, a video tape of a certain cable news anchor having an uncontrollable meltdown, an old blog with controversial posts, or evidence of injustice being carried out by your corporate overlords? Send it to us.

While media organizations welcome these tips when they are the recipients of information, they don’t always look so kindly on being the subject of said tips. Tips can also contain sensitive information, so we want to make it safe for you to send tips privately to us. That’s why Mediaite now has a few options for leaking anonymously.

The Anonymous Tip Box

Our anonymous tip box (available for abuse here) is an easy way to send messages anonymously to us. Your message will appear in our tip email inbox, but your personal information will not be revealed to us. If you don’t want to send the tip from your own personal computer, you can use a public one at an internet cafe, gym or library.

The Tips Email Address

You can send an email to our tips inbox: You can also contact our writers directly on Twitter or by the email displayed under their byline. Our writers use Signal, an encrypted messaging and phone app, so you can request their numbers over Twitter or email.

If you don’t want to use your personal email address, you can make a burner account under a fake name on Gmail.

To send encrypted emails, sign up for a ProtonMail account.

Postal Mail

Postal mail is a super secure way to reach us. If you want to send us physical evidence, be it photos, documents, physical items like video tapes, thumb drives with digital files, ransom notes or even a tip in written form, using a U.S. postal mail is a really secure way to do so, as long as you send your letter or package without a return address. Don’t send anything from your workplace mailroom — find a U.S. mail box on a random street.

Our address is: 1261 Broadway, Suite 508, New York, NY 10001.

Wired also has a great guide to the dos and don’ts of leaking. But, of course, don’t send your tips to them, send them to us.

Aidan McLaughlin is the Managing Editor of Mediaite. Send your scandals to my email here, your tales of corporate malfeasance to my Twitter DM’s here.

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Aidan McLaughlin is the Editor in Chief of Mediaite. Send tips via email: Ask for Signal. Follow him on Twitter: @aidnmclaughlin