Howard Dean Threatens To Leave Democratic Party If Obama Doesn’t Cut Pentagon Budget

Former Vermont Governor, presidential candidate, and head of the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean, threatened on Monday to abandon the party which he helped build in reaction to a story that suggested President Barack Obama’s White House may be trying to shield the Pentagon from devastating budget cuts.

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Bloomberg Businessweek columnist Joshua Green published a post last week in which he linked comments by administration officials who were critical of sequestration budget cuts to the lack of targeted defense cuts in Obama’s proposed budget.

“Although the White House doesn’t advertise this fact in the six-page budget overview it put out this morning, the new budget eliminates nearly all of the cuts that sequestration imposes on the Pentagon,” Green wrote. “Instead of $500 billion in cuts, Obama proposes only $100 billion, and you have to look closely to spot it (“$200 billion in additional discretionary savings, with equal amounts from defense and nondefense programs”).”

“If this is true I may have to become an independent [sic],” Dean tweeted in reaction to Green’s story.

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