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Anderson Cooper on Trump ‘Obliterating’ Obama’s Legacy: How Much of This Is ‘Personal’?

Trump Fires Shots: Iran ‘Should Have Thanked Barack Obama For Making That Deal’

CNN’s Toobin: Obama and Clinton’s Relationships with Weinstein a ‘Real Blot’ on Their Records

Obamas Statement on Weinstein: ‘Needs to be Condemned and Held Accountable’

After Clinton Releases Statement on Weinstein, CNN’s Dana Bash Asks: ‘Where Are the Obamas?’

Chris Matthews: Trump Wants to Erase Obama’s ‘Face’ and ‘Name’ From the ‘History Books’

Weinstein Proves In Hollywood, Being Liberal Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

Fox News’ Jesse Watters Says Obama Was ‘The NRA’s Greatest Salesman’

Tweet For Every Occasion? In 2012, Trump Claimed Obama’s Response to Sandy Was ‘Worse Than Katrina’

Obama’s Spy Scandal? James Clapper Claims FISA Wiretap Of Paul Manafort Conducted Without His Knowledge

Obama Speaks on Republican Obamacare Repeal Efforts: ‘It Is Aggravating’

Sarah Sanders Defends Trump’s ‘Destroy North Korea’ Remarks by Taking Obama Way Out of Context

What Happened? – Amazon Deletes Nasty Reviews of Hillary’s Book

Sarah Sanders: Trump’s ‘Done More For Bipartisanship In the Last 8 Days Than Obama Did In 8 Years’

Clinton: I Urged ’08 Supporters to Back Obama, ‘Didn’t Get That Respect’ from Sanders and His Supporters

Trump’s DACA Debacle Tells Us Everything about Him and His Failing Presidency

Jake Tapper Slams Trump Over Obama Wiretap Tweet: ‘It Was and Continues to Be a Lie’

Watch CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Read Obama’s Statement on DACA Decision In Its Entirety

Obama Blasts Trump’s ‘Cruel’ DACA Decision: ‘This Is About Basic Decency’

Obama Reportedly Ready to Speak Out If Trump Goes Through With Ending DACA

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