Jay Z’s Music Streaming Company Might Not Be Able to Carry Beyoncé

shutterstock_281016122While it’s been fairly sad watching Jay Z‘s elite new streaming service flounder, a new report indicates that Tidal could suffer an even more embarrassing loss: it may lose the rights to stream Beyoncé‘s (Jay’s wife) music.

According to Bloomberg Business, Jay Z had to renegotiate the streaming contracts with major record labels after he bought Tidal’s parent company Aspiro. Universal had been easy — his management company, Roc Nation, has numerous artists signed with them — but according to their sources, Time Warner and Sony haven’t budged, asking for “large advances” in exchange for the right to stream their artists. Sony also happens to be Beyoncé’s label, in which case, if a deal hasn’t been struck, there will be no more this.

While it would be humiliating for Tidal to lose the Beyonce catalog — ever since “’03 Bonnie and Clyde,” it’s seemed almost expected that the couple act as a single cohesive business unit — there’s a huge chance that Tidal could lose the catalogs of the other prominent artists that turned up at the derided press conference announcing the service’s launch. “I’m pretty sure most of the artists that were at the press conference don’t control their own streaming rights,” Peter Mensch, co-founder of talent agency Q Prime, told Bloomberg.

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