Scarborough Blows Up at Reporter for Claiming He ‘Partied’ With Trump on New Years


scarboroughMSNBC’S Joe Scarborough went on a warpath on Sunday as he called out CBS former reporter Sopan Deb for saying that the MSNBC host spent New Years Eve cozying up to President-Elect Donald Trump.

On Sunday, Deb tweeted an excerpt from a New York Times article describing Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, and the party Trump held there to celebrate the new year. Deb found it interesting that the co-hosts of Morning Joe were seen at the estate yesterday, and Deb described their presence by saying that they “partied” with Trump.

Scarborough took notice of this, and he made it clear that he did not approve of it.

(For the sake of clarity, Deb was CBS’ Trump campaign correspondent, but he is moving on to work for the Times)

Deb responded to this by asking Scarborough what exactly he got wrong with his report:

Scarborough responded in the following manner:

They still weren’t done yet though:

Throughout the 2016 election, there were concerns that Morning Joe was close with Trump and would go easy on him during interviews. This relationship took a turn for the worse during the later months of the election, though Mika Brzezinski was recently seen at Trump Tower.

UPDATE: 6:21 pm EST: Scarborough is still tweeting out responses to those intrigued by his appearance at Mar-a-Lago:

Deb, for his part, appears to have conceded to Scarborough’s point:

Scarborough responded shortly afterwards:

UPDATE: 7:24 pm EST: Scarborough is still tweeting about the development, now in an exchange with Maggie Haberman, who wrote the article Deb referred to.

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