comScore Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Slams Ben Carson for Muslim Comments

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Slams Ben Carson for Muslim Comments

As Ben Carson still feels the fallout from his controversial remarks about how a Muslim could never be president, NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said that he was disappointed that Carson was using the actions of a few to label the many.

Carson has tried to take a leaf out of Donald Trump‘s by blaming PC culture for the offense his remarks caused, but when asked about that in an interview with HuffPost Live, Adbul-Jabbar said that whatever Carson’s intentions were, the damage has already been done.

“Dr. Carson is trying to say that American Muslims would support some of these atrocities that are being perpetrated in the Middle East, and that has not been the case,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “Most American Muslims are law-abiding and very happy to be here and very happy to obey the laws and respect the Constitution.”

Abdul-Jabbar also used the interview to offer a reminder that America has no religious litmus test for government office. He also said that despite all of the negative perceptions on Muslims around the world who believe in Sharia law and practice terrorism, those people do not represent Islam as a whole.

“People do not condemn all Christians for the acts of the group that calls themselves the Christian Knights or the Ku Klux Klan,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “I don’t think that Mr. Carson has any idea, or knows, very many Muslims because if he did wouldn’t say the things that he’s saying.”

Watch the video above, via HuffPost Live.

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