Karl Rove’s Advice To Herman Cain: Let Your Accusers Come Forward

This afternoon on the Kilmeade and Friends radio show, seasoned Republican political strategist Karl Rove took some time to weigh in on the allegations of sexual harassment lobbed against presidential hopeful Herman Cain.

Rove referred to this morning’s New York Times report on the two women who have come forward and noted that, in Cain’s view, there appears to be a discrepancy between an “agreement” and a “settlement.” He then offered some advice for Cain:

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I think the only way to get past this is to get the National Restaurant Association to release its report so that… what they found when they investigated come out and, second of all, that now, having Mr. Cain spoken, it’s going to look unfair if he doesn’t take proactive measures to encourage the Restaurant Association to allow the women in question to come forward.

Have a listen, courtesy of Kilmeade and Friends:

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