Fox’s Outnumbered Gets Tense After Herman Cain Claims ‘There is No Rampant Injustice in America’


With the ongoing debate over the NFL protests of the National Anthem (and racial prejudice) becoming more notable wedge issue for President Donald Trump, Fox News’ Outnumbered got in on the action Tuesday. Herman Cain, the former GOP presidential candidate and King of Shucky Ducky, joined the show as the day’s “one lucky guy” to impart his thoughts.

While Cain — a self-made millionaire — is certainly an impressive figure who went through his share of racial prejudice on his way to his success, he made a pretty astonishing declaration on the topic of Colin Kaepernick’s protests and the state of racial affairs in America.

Remarking on Hillary Clinton’s comments on the protests, Cain said:

First of all, what Hillary said made absolutely no sense because if you go back to what Kaepernick first said, he said, and I quote — I saw it on video — “this is to protest the injustices in America.” First, there is no rampant injustice in America. We’ve come a long way. I grew up with injustice in the 50s and 60s. Secondly, a lot of people have picked up on that lie and jumped on the bandwagon not knowing what bandwagon they were getting on. And as far as the black caucus and everybody else saying they should be allowed to kneel, I have a breaking news announcement — they are not your football team. It’s like any business. You have rules for your workers, for your players, and they are going to be expected to adhere to the rules, pure and simple.

From there, the segment devolved into a fiery exchange between Jessica Tarlov and Cain in response to his controversial comments.

While no one can belittle Herman’s experience with racial prejudice, one has to wonder where his pointed claims are coming from in light of the recent protests.

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