Mother Jones’s David Corn: Reporters Are ‘Pussyfooting’ Around Stephen Bannon’s Ties to White Nationalism


Steve BannonMother Jones‘s David Corn said that moderate Republicans and reporters had failed to speak to Stephen Bannon‘s ties to white nationalism.

Bannon, who was named Trump’s chief White House strategist, for years ran Breitbart News, a fringe conservative outlet that frequently broadcasts white-nationalist, anti-feminist, anti-gay, and anti-Semitic media.

Speaking on MSNBC Monday morning, Corn said:

People have pussyfooting around this a bit in the coverage since yesterday. Steve Bannon is an ally of white nationalists. How do we know this? Because Steve Bannon said… that he wanted Breitbart, the news service he led, to be a platform for the alt-right. What is the alt-right ? A far-right conservative movement that does believe in white nationalism or white supremacism. How do we know that? You go to Breitbart, and they say the lead ideological figure of the alt-right movement is Richard Spencer. And he quite clearly says he wants non-whites to leave America and he wants America to be a white state and he says that race is what’s most important.

Spencer is the president of the National Policy Institute, a Virginia-based white nationalist think tank founded in 2005. The Southern Poverty Law Center describes him as “a radical white separatist whose goal is the establishment of a white ethno-state in North America.” Spencer is also a supporter of Donald Trump. He told the BBC in an interview in September, “Donald Trump came along and I feel like my movement and ideology, we can be a kind of vanguard for a presidential candidate.”

Corn said that moderate Republicans weren’t speaking out against Bannon because they were “chicken.”

Honest reporting needed to call Bannon what he is — “allied with racists” — and not retreat behind anodyne terms like “firebrand” or “controversial.”

“A president-elect is putting into the White House a fellow who’s in league with people who want to turn America all white,” he said.

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