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New Day Hosts Spoof BBC Interview Fail: ‘That is a Good Wife’

On Friday, a hitherto anonymous Political Science professor in South Korea, took the national stage after his children interrupted a Skype interview he was conducting with BBC. The serious subject matter of North Korea swiftly dissolved into levity.

By noon Friday, the footage was everywhere and it had already percolated enough by 9:00 A.M. that it made it into the closing minutes of CNN’s New Day.

“We have all been here,” laughed Alisyn Camerota. “Don’t ever do a live shot from your home.”

Chris Cuomo singled out the man’s wife for praise for saving the situation by swiftly removing the kids from the room and closing the door behind her.

“The story isn’t the kids, it’s the wife,” said Cuomo. “That is a good wife. She comes flying in there, takes one for the team.”

The two were then interrupted by a show employee named “Phil” in a quickly thrown together spoof.

“This is our resident toddler,” said Camerota,”as Phil marched through the shot.

“Give me a hug Phil,” said Cuomo.

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