Pablo Escobar’s Hitman Becomes Youtube Star After Vlogging About His Remorse

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday. The most notorious former enforcer for one of Columbia’s biggest drug kingpins has built himself an online following as he tries to change his life’s direction.

Jhon Jairo Velasquez was released from prison two years ago, after serving more than 20 years for his service to Pablo Escobar’s cartel. By his own admission, Velasquez has killed over 300 people, ordered the deaths of thousands more, and he was actually sent to prison over his 1989 assassination attempt on presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán.

For the past nine months though, Velasquez has taken to calling himself “Popeye Arrepentido” or “Remorseful Popeye,” as he attempts to become a political activist and find redemption for his past. Velasquez currently has over 100,000 subscribers, and his videos have netted over a million views.

Though he’s been met with accusations of hypocrisy from those he victimized, Velasquez says he hopes his blogs will inspire young people to turn away from drugs and crime. Daily Mail reports that Velasquez frequently answers questions about his past and isn’t looking to monetize his content.

“I started this channel in order to tell the day-to-day process of reintegration into society,” Velasquez says in his channel description. “I have had the opportunity to be born again after 23 years and three months of the worst punishment a human being can afford.”

You can watch one of his vlogs in the video above.

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