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Pentagon Spokesman Sarcastically Thanks WikiLeaks For Ruining His Easter Weekend

Geoff Morrell is really not happy with WikiLeaks. The organization released over 700 classified documents pertaining to Guantanamo Bay which included disturbing information about America holding prisoners for years without charges, extreme interrogation techniques, and the concern that the prisoners have a higher probability of turning to terrorism after being kept there. The worst thing though is that this release totally screwed up Morrell’s Easter weekend! God, what jerks!

Morrell, the Department of Defense’s Press Secretary, sent out this tweet this morning:

I suppose there’s two ways of looking at this. On one side, as unique as Morrell’s position is, he’s still just a guy doing a job. So why shouldn’t his tweets sound just like anyone else’s? On the other hand, the guy’s the Press Secretary for the Pentagon! His public communications shouldn’t sound like a pissy office drone who has to work late!

Basically, look at it this way: the cubicle jockey missing drinks with the boys? He’s allowed to sarcastically tweet about time sheets and annoying managers. The guy who is the public face for the United States armed forces? He should probably just bitch to his friends in private.

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