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Rachel Maddow Calmly Targets Glenn Beck: ‘Politics As Performance Art’

Is Rachel Maddow going to make it her job to target Glenn Beck, Van Jones-style? Maddow calmly went to town on Beck last night — “the sous chef of politics as performance art” — about his 9-12 Project which takes place tomorrow in Washington DC. According to Beck’s promo, the day will celebrate the “9 founding principles and 12 eternal values,” which sort of sounds like Joel Osteen meets The Secret, with a little Joe Wilson thrown in for good measure!

Anyway, Maddow thinks that Beck is exploiting the tragedy of 9/11:

It’s called the 9/12 Project, it’s not the 9/11 Project presumably because 9-11 falls inconveniently on a Friday this year, not a Saturday. Is there a statute of limitations on when its okay to start being really blatant about exploiting a national tragedy for other purposes, did that statute expire this year.

Also, Maddow asks, what exactly is the connection between the day after 9/11 and Joe Wilson disrupting the President during a speech to Congress? (Fear?) The overall sense of the clip is that Maddow appears to be attempting to apply logic to her coverage of Beck, which is a refreshing change of ‘Worst Person in the World’ pace, and also something more of the MSM might want to try in light of Beck’s growing influence on White House staffing. Will it have any effect? Doubtful — unless she turns it into a nightly campaign! — but it’s a nice change from the normal cable hyperbole.

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