RNC’s Rosa Parks Tweet Backfires, Starts Ironic Hashtag

Those of you in search of good news this weekend may be delighted to hear that racism has ended.

That’s according to the Republican National Committee’s tweet Sunday morning, which congratulated civil rights hero Rosa Parks, on the anniversary of her seminal protest, for “her role in ending racism.”

One or two or a couple hundred people disagreed with RNC’s assessment that racism had “ended,” with some asking for the specific date and time of its death.

One stalwart 140-character slinger tried to defend the tweet as poor phrasing on the RNC’s part:

This didn’t really take:

And one commenter tried to give the RNC a sliver of a benefit of the doubt:

The tweet did manage to jumpstart an ironic hashtag, #RacismEndedWhen. The internet’s been having a ball with that for about an hour now:

UPDATE 1:56 p.m.: The RNC corrected the previous tweet later on Sunday:

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[Image via screengrab]

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