comScore Surveillance Video Shows New Footage of Waco Biker Gang Shootout

Surveillance Video Shows New Footage of Waco Biker Gang Shootout

It was back in May when nine people died from a gunfight that broke out between two rival motorcycle clubs in Waco, Texas. Yesterday, five months later, CNN obtained surveillance footage from the bar where the fight took place, offering a new glimpse into the bloody scene.

The video shows members of the Cossacks Club sitting for a meeting at the restaurant, when a fight breaks out off-camera between themselves and rival club, the Bandidos. It is still unclear how the fight began (both sides continue to blame the other or say they do not know), but gun shots rang out and the scene erupted into chaos.

Cossack bikers are shown throughout the footage ducking for cover around the joint, or exchanging gunfire with assailants off camera. CNN has reportedly also received a collection of new documents and photos from the incident.

Beyond those who were killed in the conflict, previous reports have centered around the 177 people who were arrested, the dozens of injured, and the hundreds of guns, knives and other weapons confiscated by the authorities.

While police and prosecutors are silenced by a gag order, no one has been formally charged yet as the case continues to be examined. In a post on Facebook, Waco’s Police Department noted that they never authorized the footage for public release, that the video had the department’s graphic removed, and that there may be legal repercussions for those responsible for the leak.

You can watch a report on the shootout in the video above, via CNN.

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