Today Show Hosts Went as Peanuts Characters for Halloween, and It’s Horrifying


Since Halloween is on Saturday, the hosts of The TODAY Show decided to dress up as the characters from Charles Schultz‘s famous comic strip, Peanuts. In other words, a bunch of grown adults were put into costumes and advanced prosthetics to try and recreate the cartoonish looks of Charlie BrownLucy van Pelt, and yes, even Snoopy. It’s as horrifying and as filled with product placements as you can imagine.

With multiple allusions to the Peanuts film teaser that first debuted in January, Al Roker, Matt LauerMeredith Vieira and a whole lot of other people proceeded to frighten delight the crowds outside the NBC studios in New York City.

Just in case the video moved to fast for you, here are a bunch of photos the official TODAY Show Twitter account assaulted social media’s eyes with on Friday morning.

For the love of all that is holy, KILL IT WITH FIRE.

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