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The Hotel Kim Kardashian Was Held Up and Robbed at Has Almost No Security

kim-kardashian-e1475504350655A lax security policy may be partially to blame for the fact that Kim Kardashian was robbed and held at gunpoint in Paris last night. Five men in masks wearing police uniforms came to her room, tied her up in the bathroom, and stole $10 million of jewelry.

A source, who has stayed at the exclusive No Address Hotel told People, “Security is close to zero… There is one concierge for the whole building.”

It’s been reported that Kardashian probably had Pascal Duvier, her security go watch sisters Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian while they were out, because once she got back to her hotel she assumed she was safe. The source said, “Basically you bring your personnel with you, hence her poor security last night. It’s basically a flat with one front desk concierge.”

“Security usually leaves once people are inside so that’s not unusual,” the source explained. “No one is really on a standby contract over there.”

Another guest added, “As I recall, there’s a receptionist downstairs who buzzes you through the door in the courtyard and a night man and that’s pretty much all you see of security.”

The hotel is an old mansion that was converted into luxury apartments. One French blog reported that it’s extremely secluded, not visible from the street, and can only be accessed via private courtyard.

Kardashian left Paris immediately after the incident and has already been spotted back in New York.

[image via screen grab/NBC]

[H/T People]

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