Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Apologizes For Saying ‘Retarded’ in Instagram Video Amid Criticism

John King: If Trump Really Cared About Prison Reform, Wouldn’t He Do More Than Invite Kim Kardashian to WH?

Elle Draws Backlash For Using Fake Kanye-Kim Breakup Story to Trick Readers Into Visiting Voter Registration Page

Kanye West Says Putting on MAGA Hat Was ‘Overcoming Fear’ of Backlash: ‘Liberals Can’t Bully Me’

Kim Kardashian on Her Meeting With Trump: ‘I Have Nothing Bad to Say About The President’

Trump’s Campaign Manager Uses a Kim Kardashian Comment About POTUS to Swipe at the Media

Kim Kardashian Reveals to Van Jones Why Kanye ‘Loves’ Trump

Rep. Ted Lieu: Trump’s Pardons ‘Shouldn’t Be Based on Which Celebrities Have Access To the President’

Kim Kardashian Praises Trump For Commuting Alice Johnson’s Sentence: ‘Gives Hope to So Many Others’

Trump Has Commuted Alice Johnson’s Sentence After Advocacy from Kim Kardashian (UPDATED)

Trump Reportedly Told Kim Kardashian That She & Kanye Are Helping His Approval Rating Among Black Voters

Will Kim Kardashian Get That Pardon She Was Looking For? Trump’s Retweet Suggests Yes

Trevor Noah Goes After CNN’s Jim Acosta For Trashing Kim Kardashian’s WH Visit: ‘Really?’

Jim Acosta Trashes Kim Kardashian’s Prison Reform Efforts As Not ‘Serious’ After Taking John Legend’s Seriously in 2015

‘Trump Meets Rump’: New York Post‘s Kardashian-Meets-Trump Cover Breaks Twitter

Kim Kardashian is Headed to the White House Today

Kim Kardashian Is Calling Jared Kushner and Advocating for Trump to Pardon a Nonviolent Drug Offender

Shepard Smith Does His Best to Try and Explain Kanye-Trump Thing: ‘This is Getting Up There Now…’

Kim Kardashian West Defends Kanye: ‘He’s a Free Thinker, Is That Not Allowed in America?’

After Call From Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Clarifies He Doesn’t ‘100%’ Agree With Trump

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