The NY Times Ran an Ode to ‘The MSNBC Mom’… and MSNBC Is Eating it Up

Kat Stoeffel wrote an interesting opinion piece for The New York Times about “MSNBC moms.”

An MSNBC mom is defined here as “a liberal woman whose retirement years coincide with the rise of Donald Trump and who seeks solace, companionship and righteous indignation in cable news.”

Stoeffel’s own mother is a big fan of Nicolle Wallace in particular:

Before I could formally interview her about MSNBC, my mom put her thoughts in a 700-word email, organized by anchor. The longest section was about Nicolle Wallace.

“I think she’s a superstar,” she wrote. “She’s a Republican, so watching her show I feel no one (Dad) can accuse me of hanging out in my liberal media echo chamber.”

Stoeffel’s full piece is worth a read for all you cable news junkies, and as you can imagine, MSNBC has very much embraced it:

(Ruhle’s mother appeared on air back in October.)

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