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Unearthed Blooper Reel Features ALF (Remember ALF?) Saying The “N” Word

All this morning, I kept seeing a video of ALF pop up on my Tumblr and Twitter news feeds. Of course, I didn’t click on them because…y’know, ALF…but I totally should have. The video is outtakes from the series ALF in which you can hear the character’s creator and puppeteer, Paul Fusco, entertaining the folks on set by saying some truly offensive things. Serves me right for assuming it was mere needless nostalgia.

The tape was discovered by YouTube user biohazardgraphics who claims he bought it off eBay 10 years ago. He or she posted it on YouTube a year ago where it went without much impact until earlier today when Badtvblog discovered it and brought it to the world’s attention. Hooray! Now we can all enjoy ALF saying the N-word and making filthy come ons to the Tanner’s teenaged daughter!

It’s pretty amazing. But, for my money, the best foul-mouthed outtakes from a dearly missed TV series remains the “dirty takes” from Better Off Ted’s insult episode. Oh. And this, of course.


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