This Rare Beer is Packaged in a Dead Squirrel, and it Can be Yours for a Cool $20,000


How much would you spend on one beer? $15, if it’s a really nice craft beer? $20? How about $20,000? No? But what if the beer’s packaging is a dead squirrel?

That’s how much you’re going to have to pay for a single 12 oz bottle of The End of History, a rare craft beer from BrewDog that is being bottled for the first time in six years. But it’s not just the beer-squirrel combo you’re getting. You’ll also get to be a part of something. BrewDog is hoping to build a new brewery in Columbus, Ohio, and they’re attempting to crowdfund $50 million for it, according to a report from Time. In addition to the beer, you’ll also get equity in the company. The ultra rare beer is a cool add-on.

James Watt, who co-founded BrewDog told Time, “Craft beer lovers in America have shown that they want to join us on the crazy ride that lies ahead. We wouldn’t have a US brewery without our investors, and we want to celebrate by giving them access to something extra exclusive that you just can’t get your hands on any other way.”

The beer may be the rarest in the world. In 2010, when it was first produced, only 12 bottles were made. The squirrel concept comes from a desire to make the beer completely individual. The brewery has a relationship with a taxidermist who goes by Simon the Stuffer. “I absolutely love the beautiful, yet disturbing nature of taxidermy, so packaging our most evocative beer in such an unconventional, BrewDog way made sense,” says Watt. “Beer is art. Art is also art.”

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[image via Twitter/BrewDog]

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