Fox News’s Outnumbered Roasts Elizabeth Warren For Drinking Beer: ‘Is Alcohol The Answer?’

WATCH: On Day of Big Indictment News, Sarah Sanders Opens Briefing with Taxes and Beer

Canadian Brewery Mocks Trump With ‘Fake News Ale’

Paul Ryan Got Roasted on Twitter For His ‘Offensive’ Pint of Guinness

Singer Calls Out Trump Fan Account For Using Her Photos to ‘Catfish’ Followers: ‘You Creep’

This Rare Beer is Packaged in a Dead Squirrel, and it Can be Yours for a Cool $20,000

You’ll Soon Be Able to Throw a Kegger at 35,000 Feet

CBSLA Receives Heavy Criticism For Social Media Post About Child Molestation and Craft Beer

F**k Yeah: Budweiser Will Be Selling ‘America’ Beer for the Next Few Months

Someone Finally Made a ‘Hamilton’ Beer

N.C. Craft Breweries Protest Anti-LGBT Law With (What Else?) Beer

Hey, Were You Aware That There’s a Drinking Game Called Jews vs. Nazis?

The Inevitable Anti-Trump Beer is Almost Here

Brown University Newspaper Apologizes to Malia Obama for Beer Pong Photos

One of the Best Restaurants in New York is Run By a Guy You’ve Never Heard of

Let’s Drink a #BeerWith the 2016 Presidential Candidates

Chicago Brewery Will No Longer Give Donald Trump the Hair of the Dog

Obama’s G7 Summit Sipper Inspires German Brewery to Rename Beer

Snoop Dogg Suing Pabst for $70 Million Over Colt 45 Contract

What the Drudge Report Won’t Tell You About Fruhschoppen

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