Trade Martin Protests Ground Zero Mosque Through Song. Badly.

Regardless of your views on the proposed Muslim community center near Ground Zero, I think we can all agree on the following: protesting via awful country songs is probably not the answer. Not that that stopped musician Trade Martin from trying.

Through the oh-so-American medium of unabashed country music, Martin’s song, “We’ve Got To Stop The Mosque At Ground Zero,” attempts to reconcile the promises of our nation’s constitution with the emotional duty of honoring the victims of a national tragedy. Not to spoil it or anything, but Martin fails. Mostly because the song really is just that awful. Which is exactly why you should listen to it.

Lyrics and video below. (Via Wonkette)

We’ve got “Freedom Of Religion”, I understand
But Ground Zero is one location,
where a Mosque shouldn’t stand!


We’ve got to stop the Mosque at Ground Zero
From thumin’ its nose at every victim and hero
Thousands of Americans died in the attack
It’s a sacred place, and that’s a cold hard fact

There’s a painful memory in our minds
Our hearts keep breakin’ when we envision that tragic time.


God help us retain the honor and trust
For all the families…., who have suffered so damn much


Many Innocent Americans were killed
If we let them build it, can’t you see
They’ll turn 9-11 to a mockery

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