Trump Positively Name-Drops Henry Ford, is Promptly Schooled in Ford’s Deep Anti-Semitism


Donald Trump Cites Noted Anti-Semite Henry Ford

President Donald Trump positively cited the famous automotive founder, Henry Ford, in an attempt to shame the car manufacturer for opposing his plan to weaken fuel efficiency standards, but he immediately encountered a vociferous backlash online for not recognizing that Ford was a virulent anti-Semite with strong fascist sympathies.

Trump’s Twitter post was even more egregious coming as it did in the midst of several incendiary comments where the president insulted the vast majority of Jewish Americans, who vote Democratic, and invoked a classic anti-Semitic trope about the disloyalty of the Jewish people.

The president’s particularly ugly and unfortunate timing did not go unnoticed.

But at least one person rose to Trump’s defense—kind of.

Photo credit: Roberto Schmidt, AFP/Getty Images.

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