Trump Tower Gets Walled In by Concrete Barriers for Security


Donald Trump is the president-elect, and walls are already going up because of him. The thing is, before the mogul gets to work on the Mexican border wall, the New York Police Department is building their own barricade to provide him with a new level of security.

Even when he was still the Republican candidate, reports have suggested that there were concerns about the security level of Trump’s headquarters. This appeared to be cooberated last night due to the fact that dump trucks full of sand were lined up around the building as the election played out.

Today, Gothamist reports that the NYPD and the Secret Service are fortifying the trucks by adding huge concrete blocks around the building. According to an NYPD spokesman the barriers are being put in to prevent explosive-laden vehicles from crashing into the building.

A man identifying himself as Isaac spoke with Gothamist and explained how the arrangements are an uptick from the security he’s observed while working at the nearby Merrill Lynch branch. The area is still being blocked by counterterrorism barricades, which has affected businesses and foot-traffic in the area.

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