Video Shows Man Punching Self in Eyeballs, Despite Claims Police Brutalized Him

A California man recently claimed he was brutally beaten up by the police, but probably shouldn’t have walked in front of a security camera punching himself in the face if he wanted to be taken seriously.

Aleksander Robin Tomas­zewski, who was initially in jail on charges including stalking and first-degree sexual abuse, initially told Oregon police that he’d been beaten by two detectives during his interrogation. According to the Register-Guard, the police took it seriously enough to review security footage from the entire facility. “The only assault captured on camera was in the holding cell where Tomaszewski was seen hitting himself,” they reported.

The video shows Tomaszewski punching himself 45 times in the face in the span of four minutes, which seriously takes some dedication.

Tomaszewski allegedly confessed after the police told him what they saw, saying that he’d hoped to secure an early release with the allegations, and was also charged with attempted coercion and filing a false report. Dude, it only works if you have video of the police brutalizing you.

Watch a dumb man punch himself in the eyeballs, below, via The Register-Guard:

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