Watch: Protesters Interrupt House Chamber During Debate On Debt Crisis Agreement

The House of Representatives debate was interrupted this afternoon by a large group of protesters who seemed very unhappy with the weekend agreement on raising the debt ceiling. Reports are still coming in, but it appears that roughly twenty or so protestors were arrested by Capitol police. While being led away, they were heard to chant “Hey Boehner, get a clue, it’s about revenue.” It rhymes.

Writing for, Debbie Siegelbaum reports:

The protesters, including members of the National People’s Action (NPA) group, disrupted debate on the House floor from the gallery and were handcuffed by Capitol Police and escorted off the premises. The suspects chanted, “Hey Boehner, get a clue, it’s about revenue,” as they were led away.

One male suspect was pinned to the ground by officers during the incident, yelling loudly that he was not associated with the group or the protest.

“It looks like about 20 were arrested,” Amanda Devecka-Rinear, NPA’s campaign director, told The Hill.

Capitol Police have yet to comment on the exact number of protesters taken into custody, or what charges — if any — will be brought against them.

Those detained, including members of NPA, VOCAL New York and Community Voices Heard, expressed outrage over a debt-ceiling deal reliant on spending cuts, including potential cuts to Medicare.

Watch the incident in question, courtesy of C-Span (who often mute the House audio from time to time):

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