Democratic Rep John Yarmuth Cheers Trump’s Debt Deal: Schumer and Pelosi ‘Totally Won It’ For Us

John Yarmuth (D-KY) joined John Ziegler for his latest podcast this weekend, where he offered his thoughts about the “Alice in Wonderland” political world that continues to exist under Donald Trump‘s presidency.

The interview revolved around the deal that Trump made last week with Congressional Democrats on the debt ceiling and federal aid for Hurricane Harvey victims. The deal has drawn mixed reactions among conservative figures, which prompted Yarmuth and Ziegler to debate whether it signifies any kind of long-term evolution in Trump’s politicking.

Yarmuth said Trump was probably motivated to make the deal because of the recent narrative suggesting Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are controlling of the government because the president is “irrelevant” to the legislative process. The Congressman guessed that Trump’s deal was his way of punching a hole in that narrative while sticking it to the GOP leadership.

When Yarmuth was asked to describe how concerned his Republican colleagues are about Trump’s deal, he answered with a freakout level of 9.5 out of 10. Yarmuth also counted the deal as a total victory for Democrats since Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi got what they wanted out of their negotiation with the president.

“They totally won it,” Yarmuth said. “They looked like victorious warriors when they appeared before our caucus.”

Yarmuth was also asked about his comments during a previous interview where he said McConnell will eventually bring Trump down. Yarmuth defended his old prediction by saying it is still quite possible if the GOP’s Senate majority is endangered in the future.

“If there is an opportunity,” Yarmuth said, “[McConnell] will take it”

When asked for his opinion about DACA, Yarmuth agreed with Ziegler’s view that Trump was bluffing last week, based on how the president handled his motion to rescind the program. Yarmuth doubts Trump will end the program in six months, and he also said that recent developments have given Democrats enough leverage to demand a congressional solution for DREAMers.

The two of them moved on by discussing tax reform, the Russia investigation, and the ways in which Democrats could theoretically make Trump’s presidency work to their advantage.

Listen above, via Free Speech Broadcasting.

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