Joe Rogan Questions Why Kyrie Irving’s Getting All the Heat For Anti-Semitic Film ‘And Amazon’s Not’


Podcaster Joe Rogan questioned the controversy surrounding basketball star Kyrie Irving sharing a link to an anti-Semitic “documentary” on his social media.

Irving recently got into trouble for sharing a link to the propaganda film Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America on social media.

He was heavily criticized for sharing the link for the film which includes anti-Semitic conspiracies. He has since apologized but was forced to back out of a collaboration deal with Nike and sit out a five-game suspension from the Brooklyn Nets.

On the Tuesday edition of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan spoke with comedian Neal Brennan and expressed his confusion that Irving would get suspended for sharing a link to a film that was still actively being sold on Amazon.

Currently, the documentary and the book on which it is based are for sale on the site. Barnes & Noble has since removed it’s selling of the book and film following public controversy.

“Kyrie posted a link in his story to a video, and this is why he is getting in trouble. But isn’t that video for sale on Amazon?” Rogan asked.

“Somebody said that. It’s an excellent point,” Brennan replied.

“That’s the craziest thing ever. Kyrie is getting in trouble and Amazon’s not. Like what? You want all this from him because he watched a video and he sent a link to it that you are selling,” Rogan said. “That’s fucking wild.”

Rogan read from a New York Times piece citing that Amazon was considering adding a disclaimer to the film when it appears on it’s website.

The documentary is currently listed under “Prime Video” which means anyone can rent or buy it but it’s free to watch for those who have an Amazon Prime subscription.

“The film is still for sale!” Rogan said. “They want him to give up half a million dollars. They want him to make a public apology. They want him to talk to different leaders. And the fucking video — all he did was post a link. What did he say? Did he say, ‘This video is amazing? And I agree 100% with everything he says?'”

“He wasn’t like — hate sharing it,” Brennan clarified.

“Even if he did, like, go and watch that video and say, ‘I like that video,’ — the videos for sale on Amazon. That’s wild that no one has an issue with that,” Rogan said.

Rogan did clarify that he wasn’t defending Irving but rather perplexed about the punishment he’s received.

“No one’s defending this. No one’s defending this and — on either side. But what I am saying is, it’s pretty wild that that video is for sale and he’s in trouble,” Rogan said.

“Totally agree,” Brennan replied.

Listen above via The Joe Rogan Experience.

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