New Yorker’s Expletive-Laced Rant Calling Out ‘Bullsh*t’ of Federal Economic Relief Efforts Goes Viral: ‘This Guy for President’


A New Yorker’s passionate rant, which laid out the insanity of the federal government’s economic relief efforts amid the coronavirus pandemic, went viral this week.

“Dear Government: We understand the virus is not ‘your fault’. It happened. It is what it is. I’m not going to get into that idea that maybe you could have acted sooner. We can deal with that when this is all over. But here’s the deal… We need a real fucking plan,” declared New York comedian Vic Dibitetto in his rant. “It was the right move to make everyone stay home because that’s the only way to deal with a virus like this, but here’s where I have a problem. You told us to shut down non-essential businesses. You told us to go home and quarantine. You told us we have to keep social distance and stay inside. But you told us you would help. So where is the fucking help?”

“These checks are what they are. I mean, let’s be serious, I’m not going to turn away twelve-hundred bucks… [but] look at the typical family. Mortgage payment, health care payment, car payments, electric, water, garbage, phone,” he explained. “So maybe — maybe! — the twelve hundred covers the mortgage, but what about all the other costs that we have each month? This twelve-hundred dollar thing isn’t doing shit for the normal working family.”

The man continued, “You wanna help? Here’s one idea. Tell the fucking banks and mortgage companies to stop all mortgage payments at this time. Just stop them. And don’t give me that three month furlough bullshit. How does that even make sense?”

He added, “Someone who was just unemployed and not earning money for three months, they weren’t earning money! Hello?! Now they just start back to work and all that money magically appears so they can pay the three months in a lump sum? How are they fucking paying that? Are you fucking idiots?”

The four-and-a-half minute rant has received over 1,600,000 views on YouTube, 158,000 likes on Reddit, and has gotten a fresh wave of accolades on Twitter Wednesday — where it was praised for succinctly summing up the general consensus.

Watch above via Vic Dibitetto.

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