Watch: Woman Goes on Hateful Rant Against Sikh Politician: ‘When Is Your Sharia Gonna End?’

United Airlines Pilot Taken Off Flight After Bizarre Rant About Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Her Divorce

Teacher Goes on Facebook Rant About Disabled Student, Resigns

CNN’s John Berman Has a Message for All You World Cup Haters Out There

WATCH: Russian Pol Goes on Rant Against Journalist, Shouts at Aide to Rape Her

TV Reporter Goes on Epic Rant Warning People About Impending Ice Storm

‘You Cannot Serve Two Masters!’ House Stenographer Goes Crazy During House Vote, Escorted Out

Ed Schultz and Richard Wolffe Clear the Air About Schultz’s Obama ‘Rant’

Red Eye Marvels At Crazy Anti-Gay Lady’s Rant: ‘The Most Coherent Nonsense Ever’

On CNBC, Rick Santelli Rants About The New York Times, Reading The Constitution

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