‘I Honestly Nearly Puked’: Chefs, Senators, and Entire Internet Dunk on Sen. Mark Warner’s Tuna Melt Video Tutorial


Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner’s viral tuna melt tutorial also melted the internet, as celebrity chefs, fellow senators, and seemingly everyone else took to social media with an opinion about the mayonnaise-drenched result.

Homemade cooking videos are just one way people are coping with the coronavirus lockdown life, and Sen. Warner made his contribution to the genre this week.

He began by warning Instagram viewers “Unless you are a professional chef, you may want to occasionally pause the video so you can keep up.”

Warner repeats that tongue-in-cheek disclaimer as he went through the difficult paces of squirting every last ounce of mayonnaise in Roanoke onto two slices of bread, throwing some tuna on them straight out of the can, and embellishing his masterpiece with two slices of medium cheddar (mild or extra sharp ruins the whole thing), before chucking the whole works into the microwave for a surely fragrant 30 seconds — long enough for a CDC-recommended handwashing.

The video made the species jump to Twitter, and blue checks — including current and former senators — were merciless. It was tweeted by a staffer for Senator Jeff Merkley, who appeared to get the joke:

Former Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill noticed the subtle hint of mayonnaise, and told Warner “we need to talk.”

Sen. Kamala Harris also wanted to speak to Warner.

Journalists and other prominent Twitter users were unvarnished in their degrees of revulsion:

He may have even earned a new nickname:

Warner’s comms director got in on the action, letting us all know it could have been worse:

Top Chef star Tom Colicchio finally weighed in with a variation on his show’s trademark kiss-off:

Sen. Warner himself handled the criticism in stride.

The haphazardness of Warner’s recipe was the entire joke of the video — one which was perhaps taken too far with the grisly mayo massacre.

But Senator Warner’s viral moment ensured that a valuable lesson was learned far and wide: wash your hands and try to have some fun while you’re on lockdown.

Watch the video above via Mark Warner.

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