Limbaugh Hammers NBC For Not Airing Obama’s ‘Redistribution,’ Despite White House Authentication

Limbaugh Hammers NBC For Not Airing Obama's 'Redistribution' Audio

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh slammed NBC News and MSNBC on Wednesday for refusing to air a 1998 tape of President Barack Obama advocating for policies that would advance the redistribution of wealth. Limbaugh said he had never seen media bias like this and said he worried what would become of the industry “when Obama loses” in November.

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Limbaugh referenced a post on Mediaite in which MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell said that neither NBC News nor MSNBC would air the tape of President Obama because they had not yet independently verified that the voice on the tape was that of the president.

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that the White House has confirmed the voice on the tape is the president as an Illinois state senator.

“I never, ever have seen media this way,” said Limbaugh. “It’s almost indescribable. Making up stories. Refusing to run real stories. Making themselves look like utter fools.”

Limbaugh accused the media as a whole of engaging in advocacy rather than journalism in favor of the president. “They’re scared,” he said. “When Obama loses, I am worried about what’s going to happen.”

Listen to the segment below via the Rush Limbaugh Radio Show:

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