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Miami Herald Hits Back at Dershowitz’s ‘Fake News’ Attack on Epstein Sex Abuse Expose: We Stand By Our Story

The Miami Herald responded to Alan Dershowitz‘s attack on its reporting on Jeffrey Epstein — the billionaire financier accused of molesting dozens of underaged girls.

Dershowitz, who was Epstein’s lawyer, has been accused of involvement in his alleged sex-trafficking ring. One alleged victim of Epstein’s, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, accused Dershowitz of having sex with her when she was underaged. Dershowitz has vehemently denied the allegations, claiming records show he was never in the places Giuffre claims they had sex.

In a tweet and an open letter, Dershowitz slammed the Miami Herald‘s reporting, claiming he showed those records to the paper.

The Miami Herald struck back with its own set of tweets on Wednesday, laying out reporter Julie K. Brown‘s interactions with Dershowitz.

“Miami Herald reporter [Brown] and her editor met with Alan Dershowitz Monday for a lengthy, off-the-record briefing regarding her investigative series #PerversionofJustice, which re-examines the case of serial sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein and his remarkably light punishment,” the Herald wrote.

The Herald went on to explain that while Dershowitz was not the primary focus of their reporting, he helped obtain Epstein’s remarkably lenient plea deal, and had also been accused of abusing a teenage victim of Epstein.

Dershowitz, according to the Herald, read out information from his records he claimed vindicated him, but “declined to let the journalists examine the documents or take copies.”

Dershowitz responded shortly after by calling the Herald‘s characterization a “categorical lie.”

“They examined my travel records for hrs and I told them they could keep examining as long as they chose. Fortunately the entire meeting was consensually recorded so their lie can be proven,” he wrote.

The paper also listed developments in the Epstein story since their reporting, and concluded: “The Miami Herald stands by its story.”

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