Ex-NFL Receiver Antonio Brown Repeatedly Rages at Reporter for Story He Didn’t Even Write

Antonio Brown

Adam Hunger/AP

Former NFL star Antonio Brown has never been one to hold his tongue when he feels he’s being treated unfairly.

Sometimes, however, it leads to him placing blame in the wrong direction.

Brown was recently in the news when TMZ reported a warrant for his arrest due to unpaid child support. On Monday, he took to Twitter to deny that police were looking for him and called out reporter Dov Kleiman.

“Fuck the bitch ass who ever wrote that story!” Brown tweeted. “Mf don’t know shit about me! Where I came from what I been through!

“@NFL_DovKleiman where the police bro they still want me lying (ass) cr*cker.”

The only problem is that Kleiman — a writer and editor for BroBible — didn’t write the story.

Despite Kleiman’s attempt to clear the air, Brown persisted.

“Cr*cker scared now,” Brown replied. “(You) got the criminal complaint stop lying in my name Antonio Brown a business not a name you play (with) boy.”

Kleiman then messaged Brown to get clarity on the issue.

“Hey AB, can I ask what (the) issue is?” Kleiman asked. “Is this about the TMZ story?

“It was shared by many, many outlets. I didn’t write it either. Hope it helps.”

Instead of keeping the messages private, Brown chose to post them and continue berating Kleiman.

“You see they don’t got no codes or ethics behind what they write or who they tell lies upon,” Brown said. “Cr*ckers go to acting lost like they had no clue what they was doing or point the finger to another cr*cker (their) homeboy like they did it I didn’t.

“Perfect form (of) cr*ckerisms.”

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