Missouri Football Coach — Who Will Make $6 Million This Season — Complains About High Pay For College Athletes

University of Missouri football coach Eli Drinkwitz

Scott Winters/AP

University of Missouri football coach Eli Drinkwitz has joined the list of college coaches complaining about the amount of money some student-athletes are able to make now.

Now that student-athletes can profit from the use of their name, image, and like — or NIL — it’s not uncommon for some to earn endorsement deals rivaling the salaries of some professional athletes. In fact, LSU basketball star Angel Reese even said she’s not in a rush to join the NBA because she makes more money now than any WNBA team could offer her.

Speaking on Tuesday morning, Drinkwitz took exception to the fact that these athletes make more than doctors, including his pediatrician brother-in-law.

“He saves lives,” Drinkwitz added.

For the 2022 season, Drinkwitz made $4 million as Mizzou’s head coach. In November, he signed a new contract increasing his salary by 50% to $6 million in 2023. Thanks to the way his contract is structured, he’ll see another salary bump when he makes $7 million in 2027.

Of course, Drinkwitz is just one of many coaches who’ve voiced their concerns over NIL deals. Legendary Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim accused rival ACC schools of essentially buying players in the transfer portal in the form of promising lucrative NIL deals. Alabama football coach Nick Saban accused Texas A&M of doing the same.

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