Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria: If Trump Asked For My Help, I Would Say ‘Yes’

Hollywood Shows Support For Christine Ford in New Video: ‘We Believe You’

Producer Claims E! Fired Her For Allowing Eva Longoria to Slam Network On Air

Michael Symon Can Finally Stop Grimacing Through Hulu Ads, Lays Declares ‘Do Us A Flavor’ Winner

Last Call: The Hottest Accessory This Season Is A Pig’s Head

Last Call: Calm Down, There’s No Chicken Wing Shortage, Just Like There Was No Baconpocalypse

LA Mayor’s War With NBC Heats Up: MSNBC Anchor Confronts Him Over Charlie Sheen ‘Party Picture’

Alan Colmes Calls For Eva Longoria To Step Down As Obama Camp Co-Chair After ‘Tw*t’ Tweet

WATCH: Michael Symon And Eva Longoria’s Goofy Lay’s Commercial

Eva Longoria Addresses DNC Convention, Slams Romney And His ‘Outsourcing Pioneers’

Eva Longoria Opens Lady-Geared Steakhouse

Michael Symon Teams Up With Lays For ‘Do Us A Flavor’ Campaign

Eva Longoria Tells Andrea Mitchell: Romney Is On Wrong Side ‘Of Every Issue Pertaining To Latinos’

California’s New Anti-Paparazzi Law: Bad News For Celeb Weeklies and NYC

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