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Jack Welch Defends Trump: ‘Flip Flop Nonsense is Ridiculous Media Blowback’

Yet Another Trump Flip-Flop? Donald Trump Calls Media ‘Very Honorable People’

Spicer on Recent Trump Flip-Flops: ‘Issues Are Evolving’

Trump Attacks Cruz for Flip-Flopping On an Issue He Also Flip-Flopped On

NYT‘s ‘Secret Tapes’ Aren’t News: Trump Copped to Hiding Compassionate Side for Polls In Oct.

Once Again, Hillary Abandons Principles to Chase Public Opinion

Fox’s Chris Wallace Confronts John McCain Over Flip-Flop On Tax Cuts For Rich

Ann Romney: It’s A ‘Myth’ That Mitt Has Changed His Positions Over The Years

Ann Coulter And Bill Maher Duke It Out Over Racism, Obama, And Romney Flip-Flopping

Rachel Maddow Rips Into Romney For Defending Lies In Campaign Ads

CNN’s Don Lemon Clashes With Conservative Blogger Over Fallout From Gay Romney Advisor Controversy

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