jonathan gruber

Obamacare Architect Slams GOP’s Secret Healthcare Process: ‘A Middle Finger to Representative Democracy’

Nancy Pelosi: Obamacare Was ‘One of the Most Transparent Drafting Processes in Recent Memory’

Jonathan Gruber Fired from Massachusetts State Health Board

Gruber in 2010: ‘I Helped Write’ Obamacare

Jonathan Gruber: I’m Sorry for My ‘Insulting’ Obamacare Remarks

Conservatives Think Dems Are Releasing Torture Report to Distract from Gruber Testimony

Concha: From Political Hacks to Hootie, Hyperbolic Reactions to Garner Case

Kurtz: Media Freaked Out over Obscure GOP Staffer, But Near-Silent on Gruber?

North Carolina Fires Jonathan Gruber from Consulting Gig

Fox’s Cavuto Brings on a Relationship Expert to Weigh In on Gruber

Vermont to Stop Paying Gruber for Health Care Consultant Work

Beckel: We’re Refighting Obamacare Because ‘Stupid Idiots’ Didn’t Follow Before?

Jonathan Gruber Once Also Worked for the Bush Administration

Tommy Chong to Fox Hosts: Your Gruber Coverage Is ‘Like Benghazi All Over Again’

CNN’s Tapper: Gruber Claims Contradict What Obama Said ACA Wouldn’t Do

Concha: ABC World News Finally Covers Gruber as NBC Newscast Continues to Ignore

Jon Stewart Tackles ‘Jerk’ Gruber: ‘Pretty Slimy’ Stuff There

Chuck Todd Dismisses Lack of Gruber Coverage on Network News

‘Who Cares?!’: MSNBC Host Goes Off on ‘Pathetic’ GOP for Hyping Gruber

Hayes: GOP Going After Gruber Because They Can’t Attack Obamacare Anymore

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