Conservatives Decry Trump For Deficit-Pumping Budget Deal: ‘This is Just a Nightmare!’


Many conservatives were enraged that President Donald Trump is moving forward with a new budget deal that fails to cut federal spending, in a move that earned him a new nickname from Politico: Deficit Don.

Trump announced on Twitter Monday that Congress reached a bipartisan agreement that will increase the debt ceiling and raise spending caps by $320 billion over the next two years.

With all the increases this will entail for spending and debt, many conservatives took to Twitter to decry the president and lament the end of fiscal conservatism.

Joe Walsh, a former Illinois Republican elected to Congress as a tea partier, deemed his party a “cult of personality” for their silence on the bloated budget deal.

Current Republican lawmakers were also unsparing, as well as a number of conservative media figures.

Even reliably pro-Trump Fox News opinion hosts bashed Trump for the deal, with Laura Ingraham calling it “unacceptable.”

“This is just a nightmare!” Ingraham said in an interview with Sen. Lindsey Graham on her show.

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