Rand Paul on Budgetary Talks: ‘When the Republicans Are in Charge, There’s No Conservative Party’

Democratic Senator Compares Trump Budget to Enron

WATCH LIVE: Mick Mulvaney Testifies About Donald Trump’s Budget

Joe Scarborough Slams ‘Hateful’ Trump Budget: People Are ‘Scared As Hell’

Michael Steele Slams Trump’s Budget: ‘You’re Cutting Programs that Directly Impact Kids’

Lindsey Graham Rips Trump’s Proposed Cuts to State Dept.: ‘A Lot of Benghazis in the Making’

Democratic Senator Tweets Photo of Trump’s Budget in Trash Can, Says It’s Where It ‘Belongs’

WATCH LIVE: OBM Director Mick Mulvaney Holds Briefing On Govt Budget Cuts

Ann Coulter Blasts Trump’s Budget Deal: Where’s the ‘Ruthless Businessman We Were Promised?’

Wall Funding Highlights Additional Divisions Between Donald Trump and Steve Bannon

Veterans Tell Fox News They Don’t Like Trump’s Budget: ‘We Spend Too Much’

Documents Show that Secret Service Asked for $60 Million Extra For Trump Protection

‘I Thought He Was Gonna Cut Somebody Else’s Program, Not My Program’: Cenk Uygur Checks Up on Disgruntled Trump Voters

WATCH: Tim Kaine Rides D.C. Metro to Make a Point About Trump’s Budget Proposal

Stephen Colbert Talks Trump’s Budget the Best Way He Can: As Comedy Central’s Old ‘Colbert’

WATCH: Elmo Learns He Is Laid Off After Trump’s Budget Comes Out

‘I Don’t Speak Fluent Toddler Psychopath’: John Oliver Attempts to Explain Trump Budget

‘I Don’t Know Yet’: OMB Director Mulvaney on Whether Budget Can Be Balanced in Trump’s First Term

Key Trump Ally Breaks With President on Budget Cuts: ‘Meals on Wheels is a Wonderful Program’

REPORT: Trump Proposes 37 Percent Cut to State Department Budget

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