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Eric Trump Suggests The ‘#DeepState’ is Trying to Get Him to Follow Ellen Degeneres on Twitter

Lost amidst the racuous hullabaloo surrounding that book on President Donald Trump, is poor, neglected Eric Trump.

The middle Trump son, who earned the bulk of his money as executive vice president of The Trump Organization, is still here and is allegedly a true believer in the “deep state.”

The “deep state” is a term used, typically by the more paranoid right-wing media folks but also often by the president, to reference evil forces working behind the government, usually at the expense of the American people and, lately, always at the expense of Trump.

While it is highly unlikely these shadow forces actually exist, Eric Trump thinks they are taking the time out to urge him to follow liberals on Twitter.

The nefarious and omnipresent “deep state” works in mysterious ways, including leading young Eric to learn more about Ellen Degeneres.

“Shocking,” he wrote, showing off a photo of multiple Twitter accounts. “Once again, here are the @Twitter “suggestions” of who I should follow. #DeepState.”

Yeah. Eric Trump, the son of our president, used the fact that Twitter suggested he follow Degeneres, among others, as proof that the “deep state” is operating as a shadow government determined to deliver him Ellen’s witticisms… or something.

Of course, the line from Twitter is that these follow suggestions are based on what profiles you already follow, what profiles they follow and what profiles you’ve been looking at, but isn’t that just what they would say?

Obvious “deep state” operative DeGeneres couldn’t help but pile on Eric Trump’s tweet, mocking him on her talk show:

“I’ve got my gay agenda meetings on Mondays. On Wednesday Beyoncé and I host an Illuminati brunch,” she joked, waiting to pounce. “I mean it could be a conspiracy, or it could be because your sister, Ivanka, follows me on Twitter, and your sister, Tiffany, follows me on Twitter. And maybe you should follow me because I post a lot of cute videos.”

Trump has yet to follow up on his allegations of “deep state” chicanery. Wait, has anyone checked in on Eric Trump? Did they get him? Oh God. They got him, didn’t they?

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