Trump Says His Investigators are ‘Sick and Dangerous People’ Who May Have Committed Treason


UPDATE 4:55 p.m. EST: Nine hours later (!!!), President Donald Trump completed his Twitter thread — by suggesting his investigators are guilty of treason.

President Donald Trump commented directly on the findings released Thursday by Special Counsel Robert Mueller via his favorite social media platform. And he appears to be accusing his former White House counsel Don McGahn of fabricated the notes at the root of some of the most damning evidence of obstruction of justice detailed in the 448-page report.

Changing the dismissive terminology surrounding the nearly two-year investigation, going from “witch hunt” to now, the “Crazy Mueller Report,” Trump said that “statements made by certain people” are “fabricated & totally untrue.” He then warned “watch out for people that take so-called notes,” claiming that “the notes never existed.”

Trump added that he did not agree to an interview with Mueller’s team, because he felt some of the statements made about him were “total bullshit.”

While Trump supporters have eagerly parrotted the oversimplified findings of Attorney General William Barr that there was simply “no collusion and no obstruction” of course the findings of the report are far more complex than a four-word political catchphrase.

One of the most damning details regarding obstruction is the news that Trump asked Don McGahn to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but McGahn refused. McGahn’s detailed notes from these meetings support the allegation.

McGahn eventually quit the White House, telling colleagues Trump demanded he do “crazy shit.”

Ironically, McGahn’s unwillingness to follow through on Trump directions may very well have been what saved the Trump presidency. So the commander in chief attacking McGahn seems an interesting tact.

Incidentally, Don McGahan is mentioned on 66 pages in the 448-page report.

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